Special Security Requests

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This directive is for internal use only and does not enlarge an employee’s civil liability in any way. The directive should not be construed as creating a higher duty of care, in an evidentiary sense, with respect to third party civil claims against employees. Violations of this directive, if proven, can only form the basis of a complaint by the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office for non-judicial administrative action in accordance with the rules and laws governing employee discipline.
APPROVED BY: Sheriff Ken Christesen EFFECTIVE DATE: 9/4/2016
NMLEA STANDARDS: Not Applicable LAST MODIFIED: 8/9/2016 LAST REVIEW: 8/9/2016


This policy provides guidelines for the approval of special security requests from organizations requesting law enforcement presence outside of the Sheriff’s Office normal operations, as well as the conditions under which employees are authorized to work them.


It is the policy of the San Juan County Sheriff’s office to provide law enforcement services for businesses or entities under specific conditions. When operationally possible, and with discretion, the Sheriff’s Office will agree to provide such services for organized events or special circumstances.


The following definitions shall apply for the purposes of this policy:

  • Special Security – Law enforcement services offered to private businesses or entities through the Sheriff’s Office to provide law enforcement presence at an organized event or special circumstance.


As a deterrent to criminal activity, special security is oftentimes requested by private businesses or entities for organized events or special circumstances. Recognizing the benefits of having personnel assigned to these events, and in furtherance of the agency’s Mission Statement, requests for special security by the Sheriff’s Office will be reviewed and fulfilled under the guidelines set forth in this policy.

Sheriff’s Office presence for special security is to maintain the peace. Laws will be equally enforced with any action being impartially taken.


All requests for special security must be made at least two weeks prior to the event. Requests made with less than two weeks’ notice may not be approved due to logistical restrictions.

The Sheriff’s Office has made available, on its website, the special security request and agreement form. All requests are forwarded to the Undersheriff or his designee for review and, if approved, personnel assignment.

As provided in the Sheriff’s Office Secondary Employment Policy, deputies are prohibited from engaging in extra-duty employment (described as any off-duty employment which amounts to, or has the potential of amounting to, the utilization of law enforcement authority). If a deputy is approached for secondary employment which would fall into this category, he or she should refer the requesting entity directly to the Sheriff’s Office for possible coverage under this policy.


Once received, all special security requests will be screened to ensure that the event does not:

  • Conflict with the goals and objectives of the Sheriff's Office;
  • Constitute a conflict of interest; or
  • Cause negative public opinion.

Furthermore, this screening will ensure the Sheriff’s Office is operationally and logistically capable of handling the request. This includes, but is not limited to manpower, resources, jurisdictional matters, etc.

The decision to participate in special security is at the discretion of the Sheriff’s Office. If it is deemed the event may violate one of the above mentioned standards, the request may be denied.

In most cases, there must be a pre-existing threat, anticipated criminal activity, or cause for concern surrounding the event that makes law enforcement presence necessary. Special security requests absent a threat or concern may be denied.


Coverage for special security requests is filled by certified Sheriff’s Office personnel on a volunteer and first come first served basis. Once a deputy has signed up for a special security event, their presence is considered a duty assignment. If, for unpredictable reasons, a deputy is unable to fulfill their obligation, he or she is responsible for finding a replacement. If a replacement cannot be found, the deputy must work the event. In instances of a last minute, unforeseen, grave emergency, a deputy may be relieved of the assignment. In these rare cases the on-duty supervisor will ensure that the special security slot is manned to fulfill the Sheriff’s Office obligation in honoring the contract.

Deputies who have agreed to work a special security event are required to remain at the event for the duration of their assigned time. However, nothing in this policy prohibits a deputy from responding to any exigent situation when they are in a reasonable position or location to effectively aid other deputies, officers, or citizens.


The hourly rate for special security has been set by the Sheriff’s Office, taking into consideration deputy overtime pay and vehicle/equipment costs. The current rate is maintained by the Executive Office Assistant and is fixed, regardless of the event.

Special circumstances may require additional resources in which an expense can occur. In these cases, the resources and associated costs will be pre-determined and agreed upon prior to the event.

For all special events, the Sheriff’s Office requires a minimum of two deputies with a two hour minimum for each deputy. Due to the variety of events that may be covered, as well as the known or anticipated risk, the Sheriff’s Office may alter the number of deputies requested to enhance citizen and deputy safety. The cost associated with any additional personnel is the sole responsibility of the requesting entity.

Unless an agreement has been made between the requesting entity and the Sheriff’s Office, payment for providing special security must be made, in full, in advance of the event. If, while working a special security event, deputies are required to extend their hours due to an incident directly linked to the event, the entity will be invoiced post-event for the additional hours.


The Sheriff’s Office requires a 24 hour notice for cancellation of a special security request. If a cancellation is made with at least a 24 hour notice, a refund will be provided. If an event is cancelled without a 24 hour notice, the requesting entity will be responsible for the minimum charge of two hours per deputy agreed upon.


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