Search & Rescue


This Unit is currently “on hold”.  It is not an active Volunteer Unit – as we are seeking a Unit Volunteer Coordinator to assist us in managing this unit. 

One of the key components of the Unit Volunteer t Coordinator is recruiting volunteers. Recruiting volunteer methods can range from working at community events, posting fliers at local businesses, posting opportunities on a website or sharing volunteer openings on social media networking sites.

The Unit Volunteer t Coordinator will be responsible for developing and implementing a training program for volunteers. The training program can also be used to attract volunteers by highlighting new skills and experience they will gain by donating their time to your organization.  The Unit Volunteer t Coordinator also needs to keep volunteers motivated.

If YOU feel you are the person we have been looking for (our NEW Unit Volunteer Coordinator) for THIS Unit, then please let us know!  We would love to meet with you to discuss this Unit, your ideas, and ours!


Please call us at 505-334-6108 or email us at

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Civilian Search and Rescue is a volunteer-based organization under the direction of the San Juan County Sheriff. Dedicated volunteer members work jointly with the Sheriff’s to respond to community needs of search and rescue in San Juan County, New Mexico, and surrounding areas. They may also work jointly with other public and private agencies if the need arises.


Members use their personal ATV’s SUV’s and pick-up trucks to transport personnel and equipment in and out of search areas, in rural and urban settings. Included are ATV’s, 4×4 and 4×2 vehicles. They are also used for perimeter containment and can transport items needed to locations not easily reached by other vehicles.


As a member of Mounted Unit, you have a chance to contribute your time to your community moreover you have the opportunity to work with your horse as a partner.

The horse/human partnership in a search can have many diverse and exciting dimensions.

The elevated position of the searcher can enhance the ability to see sign and assist in tracking a subject. It also provides a wider range of view. The independent awareness of sound, movement and smell that a horse possesses can lead to the conclusion of a successful search. The speed in which a horse/human partnership can move will assist in covering outlying areas. This is critical to foot searchers in order for them to focus on a more specific area. In addition, the strength and power of the horse can be utilized for subject evacuation, and movement of supplies to areas not easily reached by vehicles.

As a member of the Mounted Unit you are also asked to participate in some enjoyable community public relation duties. This could include parades and other appearances where you and your equine partner represent the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office.

For further information about becoming a member of the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Civilian Search and Rescue,
Please click here to download an application. Or contact:


Community Relations Division
San Juan County Sheriff’s Office
211 South Oliver
Aztec, NM 87410

Incomplete applications will not be considered.


For additional information, please contact the Community Relations Division at (505) 334-6107.