Reserve Officer Training

Reserve Deputies are required to attend any and all training that is set forth by the Sheriff’s Office and that is required for you to perform your duties. Failure to attend and successfully pass any required training may impact your status as a Reserve Deputy for the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office.

All Reserve Deputies after completing the basic academy will be required to attend a 2 hour reserve meeting/training that will be offered twice a month. They must also participate in one patrol shift or perform 10hrs of service per month to maintain their active Reserve Deputy status. This will be scheduled and coordinated with the Reserve Squad Leader who in turns coordinates it with the shift Sergeant.


Basic Academy

Hrs. Class Description

4 hours Introduction/ Ethics/Mission Statement/Policy

10 hours Equipment Issue/Constitutional Law/Policy

4 hours Firearms/ Familiarization Classroom

10 hours Firearms Practical

4 hours Firearms

10 hours Firearms Qualification

4 hours Use of Force Legal Issues/ Continuum & Judgment Issues

10 hours Defensive Tactics

4 hours Defensive Tactics

10 hours Impact Weapons/ Custody and Control/Defensive Tactics

4 hours Report Writing

10 hours Use of Force Decision Making Practical (Sims)

4 hours Patrol Tactics

10 hours Introduction to Verbal Judo

4 hours “Critical Role” Practicum

10 hours “Critical Role” Practicum

4 hours Body Armor/ Blood Borne Pathogens

10 hours Criminal Law/ Contact Cover Officer

4 hours Illegal Drug Identification/Trafficking

10 hours Criminal Law/ Crime Scene Investigation

4 hours CPR First Aid

10 hours CPR First Aid