Reserve Officer Program Standard Operating Procedures

Conduct: 2000-9

Except where specifically noted to the contrary, Reserve Deputies are bound by the provisions of the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Policy and Procedure Manual and the provisions of any policy, procedure, rule or regulation of the component to which they are assigned. They are expected to maintain the highest standard or personal and professional conduct and demeanor.

Complaints: 140-1

It is the policy of the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office to accept, record, and investigate complaints against all personnel of the Sheriff’s Office, and to correct inappropriate behavior. (See Sheriff’s Office policy 140-1 for details)


All Disciplinary action levied against a Reserve Deputy rising to the level of Suspension, Demotion or Termination for a regular salaried employee will be reviewed by the Sheriff’s Command Staff to determine disciplinary action against the Reserve Deputy.

There will be no appeal process for Reserve Deputies.

All other forms of progressive discipline will be handled by issuing supervisor.



Reserve Deputies will not carry or any less lethal equipment until properly trained and authorized by the Sheriff. Only issued Taser devices and O.C. spray are authorized for use.

Authorization to Carry Weapons (1.2.2)

There is no intent in this policy to authorize the carrying of concealed weapons by any personnel other than those authorized by state statute. Nothing in this policy is intended to prevent personnel from carrying weapons while off duty in any manner that is in compliance with state statute.


Every Reserve Deputy is charged with the responsibility for the proper care and use of Sheriff Office property and equipment issued to him or authorized for him to use. No Office property will be loaned to anyone without the Sheriffs approval. Repairs or purchases of equipment must be authorized by the Sheriff. Reserve Deputies must report any lost or damaged immediately in memo form through their chain of command to the Reserve Deputy Commander.


Reserve Deputies are expected to keep themselves in good physical condition to perform their required duties. Any Reserve Deputy contracting a physical condition or ailment that would prevent him or her from performing their duty must as soon as possible notify their commanding officer.


Reserve Deputies are expected to report to all scheduled work assignments for which they agreed to work. You are expected to report for duty 15 minutes prior to the start of your shift for any briefings from the shift Sergeant or your partner. If you cannot report as scheduled you are expected to call your supervisor A.S.A.P. and make notification that you will not be in for your tour of duty.


These assignments will come through the Reserve Commander or Assistant Commander, or Sheriff’s Office Supervisor authorized by the Sheriff or his designee. No Reserve Deputy will report for duty unless authorized to do so.