Reserve Deputies

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Reserve Deputy is a non-paid community service position that performs an essential role within the Sheriff’s Office. The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy Program is comprised of volunteers throughout San Juan County.  The program is also organized by volunteers as well.  It is manned pursuant to and under the direction of the Sheriff of San Juan County.

IMG_3385The function of the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Unit involves the responsibility for the protection of life, property, and enforcement of the law. In the discharge of this responsibility, Reserve Deputies must recognize that all operations are in the interest of public safety and welfare. That Reserve Deputies have had conferred upon them, certain legal powers not possessed by private citizens.

Therefore, it is imperative that the objectives of the Reserve organization and the Sheriff’s Office be achieved in a manner to inspire the confidence and respect of the public.

The Mission of the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy Program:

It shall be the mission of the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office in partnership with the community to protect life and property in upholding the law in a fair and equal manner.

We will adapt to the community’s changing needs through proactive strategies and traditional policing methods.

In our exercise of authority we will maintain a high level of integrity, compassion, professionalism and dedication to service.


If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Reserve Deputy, please click here to complete the application. Or contact: please contact our Recruiting Coordinator:  CJ Nix at 505-334-7051,





Class 1 Reserve:

Class 1 status is obtained after all mandatory high risk, high litigation training of the reserve academy has been completed. Class 1 Reserve Deputies would be allowed to ride with any San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Field Training Officer (F.T.O.), or Sergeant while continuing with their ongoing academy training.

Note: Riding with a Field Training Officer will count toward your 60 hours of field training.

Class 2 Reserve:

A Class 2 Reserve Deputy that has completed all the scheduled trainings, graduated the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Academy, completed 60 hours of F.T.O., would be eligible to ride with any San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Certified Deputy while on duty. A Class 2 Reserve Deputy will also be able to work at special events. (fairs, concerts, rodeos and ballgames) at the discretion of the shift supervisor.

Class 3 Reserve:

Class 3 Reserve status is achieved by completing all the training of a Class 1 & 2 reserve deputy along with 50 hours of applicable advanced training including Emergency Vehicle Operation training. The Class 3 Reserve will be allowed to drive a patrol car at any time if directed by his certified officer.

Class 4 Reserve:

Class 4 Reserve is a Reserve Deputy that is a state certified police officer. The Class 4 Reserve Deputy must meet and maintain all current New Mexico DPS law enforcement officer requirements.

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For additional information, please contact the Support Services Division at (505) 334-6107.