Foreign Language Interpretation

This Unit is currently “on hold”. It is not an active Volunteer Unit – as we are seeking a Unit Volunteer Coordinator to assist us in managing this unit.

One of the key components of the Unit Volunteer Coordinator is recruiting volunteers. Recruiting volunteer methods can range from working at community events, posting fliers at local businesses, posting opportunities on a website or sharing volunteer openings on social media networking sites.

The Unit Volunteer Coordinator will be responsible for developing and implementing a training program for volunteers. The training program can also be used to attract volunteers by highlighting new skills and experience they will gain by donating their time to your organization. The Unit Volunteer Coordinator also needs to keep volunteers motivated.

If YOU feel you are the person we have been looking for (our NEW Unit Volunteer Coordinator) for THIS Unit, then please let us know! We would love to meet with you to discuss this Unit, your ideas, and ours!


Please call us at 505-334-6108 or email us at


Law Enforcement Foreign Language Interpreter (L.E.F.L.I.)


What is (L.E.F.L.I.)?

L.E.F.L.I. Is the Law Enforcement Foreign Language Interpreters program, which is part of Volunteers In Partnership Program. L.E.F.L.I. volunteers are bilingual – proficient in both Spanish and English or Navajo and English.


What do L.E.F.L.I. members do?

As an interpreter, you will help provide a valuable service to the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office and the community. Your services are needed to interpret for deputies in a variety of non-threatening situations.


When are volunteers needed?

Volunteers will be available to assist deputies or office personnel as needed. We will work with your schedule to find an “on-call” shift that is suitable.


What If I don’t know legal terminology?

You don’t need to know legal terminology to apply for the L.E.F.L.I. program. You will be provided with a booklet to help you learn the necessary terminology.


Is there any training?

Yes, you must attend orientation and some addition training, which may be offered evenings to accommodate those who work days. In addition, L.E.F.L.I. meets monthly.


What are the requirements?

Approved candidates for the volunteer program must:


• Submit a completed application

• Meet with the Volunteer Coordinator for a preliminary interview.

• Pass a criminal background check

• Be fingerprinted

• Pass the language proficiency test


How do I apply?

Simply click here to complete an application. Or contact:


Community Relations Division
San Juan County Sheriff’s Office
211 South Oliver
Aztec, NM 87410

Incomplete applications will not be considered.


For additional information, please contact the Community Relations Division at (505) 334-6107.