Business Watch Program

San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Business Watch Program

The purpose of the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Business Watch is to encourage the exchange of information and crime prevention techniques between the law enforcement community and local businesses.

Business Watch is a partnership between the business community, local authorities and the Sheriff’s Office. It enables businesses to take an active part in preventing and reducing crime through sharing information, raising awareness, and improving communications.

The mission of the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Business Watch is to help promote a safe environment for people to live, work, shop and play.

  • This is accomplished by businesses and law enforcement working together to reduce crime in the workplace.
  • The primary objective is to educate business owners and their employees to recognize crime and risks.
  • The secondary objective is to train business owners and employees to take steps in reporting accurately and preventing crime.

This is a new program offered by the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff’s Office Foundation to our local businesses. This program is similar to the Neighborhood Watch program. Business Watch asks everyone in business areas to be the eyes and ears for each other and law enforcement.

Business Watch establishes a formal communication network among businesses in a specified industry. Members in each industry are alerted to potential crime and current trends. Members are encouraged to form a “Community” that watches out for one another.


Our commitment as law enforcement is to provide Business Watch members with information and crime prevention training. Members will be educated on how to recognize and report criminal/suspicious behavior. Many other topics of crime prevention and safety issues will be addressed.


  • Network with other businesses.
  • Build better relationships with your local law enforcement.
  • Learn crime prevention techniques.
  • Increase awareness and reduce crime.
  • Availability of training for you and your employees.
  • Availability of sign/stickers showing your membership in the Business Watch Program.


Businesses are asked to pay a minimum annual donation of $120. This donation covers the cost of the materials needed to maintain the program. Payments are made payable to the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Foundation. (The Membership Donation will be PRO-RATED for the remaining months during 2013. After that, the full price will be charged. All memberships will expire on December 31 and a renewal will be sent to businesses for the following year.) Member-Button-150x150


  • A messaging alert is only activated by law enforcement and only for criminal activity that concerns businesses and their employees.
  • The messaging alert is activated by the Sheriff’s Office.
  • When your messaging alert is activated, your business will receive an email from the Sheriff’s Office.
  • The email will include information regarding criminal activity in or around you business area/or industry.
  • You will share this information with your employees and other businesses.


The Business Watch Program is not meant to replace your current security system or plan, but rather to augment these and enhance the overall awareness and safety of the businesses, its employees and its customers.

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