Three Arrested for Residential Burglary



On Saturday, January 1, 2011, San Juan County Sheriff’s investigators arrested Christian Lloyd (age 25), Chris Blackwell (age 33) and Leticia Ryno (age 34) for residential burglary and other related charges.

At approximately 8:20 am, San Juan County Deputy Gary Mauldin received a call from an oil field company employee reporting a possible burglary at a residence located near the 18 mile marker on NM 511 (North of Navajo Dam). The residence had previously been burglarized and Deputy Mauldin had handed out his business card to several oil field employees in the area asking them to call him if they noticed suspicious activity near this home or the surrounding area.

The oil field company employee called Deputy Mauldin leaving a message on his cell phone stating that a truck was seen leaving the residence with items from the residence loaded into the bed of the truck. On the way to the residence, approximately the 12 mile marker on Road 541 Deputy Mauldin noticed a Red Dodge Pickup truck with the bed stacked full. He also noted that in the back was a pellet stove and a washing machine, both of which he thought he had seen inside the reported residence.

Deputy Mauldin performed a traffic stop on the vehicle. Upon stopping the vehicle he contacted dispatch to determine the exact description of the truck from the initial call. The truck he stopped matched the description of the truck as did the description of the passengers. He noted three suspects in the front of the pickup with Blackwell driving, Lloyd in the passenger seat and Ryno sitting between them.