Telephone Scam Advisory – Occurring Now in San Juan County

scam alert

Date:              03/18/2014

San Juan County, NM - The Consumer Protection Division of the NM Attorney General’s Office has been receiving calls from concerned citizens regarding an unknown caller.  The caller indicates they are with the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office.

The caller has identified himself as a “Lieutenant” with the Sheriff’s Office.  The caller states that a warrant has been issued for the individual’s arrest for “failure to appear for jury duty or grand jury duty” in the San Juan County area.  The caller then requests that the citizen send a check or money order.  The caller informs them that the money is to cancel the warrant for their arrest or to cover fines accrued, due to the citizen “failing to appear”.

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office wants to advise the public that this is a scam. The Sheriff’s Office doe s NOT issue warrants regarding jury duty.  If an individual has questions regarding jury duty they should contact the District Court. Also, if the Sheriff’s Office did notify an individual about a warrant, they would NOT ask for any money.  The Sheriff’s Office would instead direct that individual to contact the courts.

Please do not send any money or give any personal information to anyone you do not know, especially if you receive calls of this nature.