Suspect Arrested After Running into Farmington Police Officer



Ref: Suspect Arrested After Running From Law Enforcement Officers and Running Vehicle Into A Farmington Police Officer’s Unit Injuring the Officer

Date: 02/17/2011

San Juan County, NM – Today, February 17, 2011 San Juan County Deputies responded to an “Unwanted” call. The location was the Conoco Phillips near Andrea Drive on Highway 64 in Farmington New Mexico. Deputies had been dispatched to the same location the day before to respond to a call of a suspect vandalizing vehicles at that location, but the suspect had not been located.

Upon arriving to the location this morning deputies found the suspect, Thuhang T. Ho (age 20) sitting in a vehicle. “She was sitting in her vehicle holding onto a large rock, what appeared to be a river rock,” stated Sergeant Kory Faulk. “When deputies arrived on scene a unit parked at an angle behind the suspect’s vehicle.” The suspect’s vehicle was parked in a parking space with a vehicle parked directly in front of her, and one on either side at the time deputies arrived.

Deputies approached the suspect and did manage to get her to place the rock down. However at some point during the contact the suspect placed her vehicle into reverse and struck the San Juan County Sheriff Unit that was parked behind her. “She then began to back her car back & forth striking the vehicles on all four sides of hers,” explained Faulk.

At some point the suspect’s vehicle managed to break free of the vehicles surrounding hers and she traveled west on Highway 64. The vehicle was a small white passenger vehicle. The suspect vehicle traveled on US 64 approximately 1/2 mile east of Browning Parkway, it was traveling westbound in the westbound lanes of US 64 at a high rate of speed while weaving through traffic. At this point the San Juan County helicopter managed to gain sight of the suspect’s vehicle and advised dispatch that they had visual contact with the suspect vehicle and began tracking it from an altitude of 500 feet above ground level (AGL). The helicopter continuously reported the suspect vehicle’s location, direction of travel, speeds, traffic lane, and actions to dispatch.

The suspect vehicle turned northbound on Browning Parkway and traveled at a high rate of speed until becoming blocked by traffic. Just north of the intersection of Browning Road (MOC turnoff) the helicopter observed two southbound Farmington Police patrol vehicles make u-turns to intercept the suspect vehicle.

When the Farmington Police patrol vehicles executed their u-turns the suspect vehicle accelerated and swerved around northbound traffic into southbound lanes of traffic. The suspect vehicle slowed for traffic at the intersection with Main Street and swerved into the right turn lane.

The helicopter then observed a Farmington Police patrol car parked on a traffic island in the intersection of Browning and Main. A Farmington Police officer was on foot on the traffic island, near the patrol car, attempting to deploy stop sticks in front of the suspect vehicle. The officer threw the stop sticks into the right turn lane ahead of the suspect vehicle. The suspect vehicle swerved toward the officer, accelerated, and drove onto the traffic island. The officer attempted to run out of the path of the suspect vehicle.

The suspect vehicle continued moving on the traffic island and hit the patrol car, pushing it into the intersection. When the suspect vehicle came to a stop Farmington Police officers removed the suspect and took her into custody.

The suspect was taken to San Juan Regional Medical Center, as was the Farmington Police Officer involved. The Farmington Police Officer was Jared Stock, he is reported in stable condition and will be held overnight for further observation.

A detail of the charges that the suspect is being charged with will be sent as soon as they are known.

“We will allow the investigation to take itself where it leads, up to its completion,” said Sheriff Ken Christesen. “We will finish the investigation into the suspect before commenting on the suspect or her actions. It is obvious by the actions that she took that she was intent on getting away from law enforcement officers.”



Suspect is being charged with the following:

- Assault with Intent to Commit a Violent Felony, second degree felony (2F)

- Aggravated Battery upon a Peace Officer (3F)

- Assault with a Deadly Weapon (3F)

- 5 counts of CDP (over $1000) (4F)

- Aggravated Fleeing (4F)

-Resisting an Officer (Misdemeanor)

Bond is being set at $150,000 cash only