Special Enforcement Team


The Special Enforcement Team is the newest Unit of the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office. The SET Team consists of members of the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office, Bloomfield Police Department and the US Marshall’s Office.

Mission Statement

This unit will identify, arrest, and successfully prosecute recidivists currently active and operating within the San Juan County Area through coordinating operations with local agencies, citizens, Crime Stoppers, federal agencies, and local informants. As a unit, a large emphasis will be placed on targeting repeat offenders, the identification and dismantling of criminal groups committing multiple felonies on a weekly basis. Quality of life for the citizens of San Juan County will also be a priority as lower level criminals will be sought out and prosecuted. The concept of this unit will revolve around “results oriented policing.”


When a rising crime trend or special problem needs to be addressed, the unit will be notified. The unit is a small group comprised of highly motivated officers who address problems through proactive police work and adopt a mixture of investigative methods and selective apprehension strategies.

When not addressing quality of life issues, the unit will conduct proactive investigations into community problems and criminal organizations. The unit will be called to assist and support other agencies within the San Juan County area during large operations or investigations that require surveillance or other special investigative or patrol related responses. The unit will locate criminals and different types of offenses serendipitously as they look for previously selected targets. The unit will look to seize opportunities as they arise, and will not be bound down by specific objectives while working on a day-to-day basis.

Research has indicated that a small proportion of criminals commit a disproportionate amount of crime in the U.S. Therefore a large emphasis will be placed on identifying repeat offenders and or career criminals who will be targeted by this unit. Violent crime and crimes of a sexual nature will take precedence over other types of offenses.

Traditionally, most police actions have been reactive. Proactive tactics may include, but are not limited to the use of decoys, surveillance, buy/bust schemes, informant information, the use of informants, phony fencing operations, and phony drug deals. The unit will be a proactive team focused on solving problems in the community. The unit will have the ability to gradually broaden the officers’ repertoire of investigative and patrol/semi-undercover infiltration strategies and skills as the team progresses. The team will not be limited by catch slogan names or specific job stipulations/requirements.