Special Enforcement Team Nabs Repeat Offender w/3 Felony Warrants


Ref: Special Enforcement Team Succeeds in Nabbing Repeat Offender with Felony Arrest


Date: July 15, 2011
San Juan County, NM – On July 12, 2011 the San Juan County Special Enforcement Team arrested Christopher Lucero, age 34 of Farmington New Mexico. Lucero was wanted for three felony warrants, among others, all issued in October of 2010.

Lucero had managed to elude law enforcement until an anonymous tip led the Special Enforcement Team (SET) to his location this week. “We were provided with a tip of his location informing us that he was staying in a home south of Aztec, NM,” explained Special Enforcement Team member Deputy Jarrod Slindee. “We located the residence and had it under surveillance for several days in an unmarked unit in order to determine if Lucero was indeed inside the residence.”

Members of the SET were able to confirm Lucero was indeed at the residence after observing him exiting and entering the home several times. “We watched him exit and enter the residence in order to smoke cigarettes,” explained SET member Deputy Jacob Courtney. “Lucero has several distinct tattoos; from where we were we were able to see that the suspect going in and out of the
residence did in fact have tattoos in the correct location. We were utilizing binoculars from our location.”

Once it was confirmed that Lucero was at the residence additional members of the SET were called in. They utilized the Sheriff’s Office Bearcat in order safely approach the residence. “The bearcat was parked close to the house and a PA system was utilized in order to call the suspect out of the residence,” explained Courtney.

Members of the SET spent approximately forty five minutes attempting to get the suspect to surrender and exit the residence with no success. The suspect then attempted to run from the SET by jumping from a window of the residence.

“We chased him through a couple of yards and then through an irrigation ditch,” explained Courtney. “He continued running until he reached a paved road (County Road 3004) at that point he seemed to give up. He turned around and placed his hands on his head, got down on his knees and surrendered without further incident.”

Lucero was taken to the San Juan County Detention Center without further incident.