Special Enforcement Team Begins Work…


Ref: Repeat Offender Target Arrested for Numerous Charges

Date: 01/18/2011

San Juan County, NM – On 01/18/2011 the San Juan County Special Enforcement Team (SET) served a trafficking warrant for Region II Narcotics Task Force. The SET Team consisted of members of the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office, Bloomfield Police Department and the US Marshall’s Office.

The Special Enforcement Team is the newest Unit of the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office. “As a unit this team will place a large emphasis on targeting repeat offenders,” explained Sheriff Ken Christesen. “They will be tasked with the identification and dismantling of criminal groups committing multiple felonies. Quality of life for the citizens of San Juan County will also be a priority as lower level criminals will be sought out and prosecuted. The concept of this unit will revolve around results oriented policing.”

“The unit will be called in to assist and support other agencies within the San Juan County area during large operations or investigations that require surveillance or other special investigative or patrol related responses,” explained Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Brice Current who heads the unit. “Region II asked us to assist them yesterday with serving a drug trafficking warrant. This resulted in numerous other charges being filed.”

“Research indicates that a small percentage of criminals commit a disproportionate amount of crime in the U.S.,” states Christesen. “Therefore a large emphasis of this Special Enforcement Team will be placed on identifying repeat offenders and or career criminals. It is these criminals that will be targeted by this unit.”

Officers of the Region II Narcotics Task Force had conducted a three months investigation which resulted in the issuing of the warrant. During the service of the warrant Felix Trujillo, age 48 of Kirtland NM. was arrested. Trujillo, a repeat offender, was arrested for trafficking methamphetamine and a search warrant was obtained for his residence.

According to Lt. Neil Haws, Region II Director the search of the residence yielded “approximately 33.5 grams of methamphetamine with a street value of more than $5,000; approximately 183 grams of marijuana with a street value of more than $1,800 and $9,850.00 in US Currency”.

Felix Trujillo was charged with a second count of trafficking methamphetamine, distribution of marijuana, a probation violation and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was transported to the San Juan County Detention Center where he was booked on the warrant and the additional charges.


A list of prior arrests for Felix Trujillo follows:

Locals Information on Suspect:

Felix Trujillo:


Aztec PD 10/09/00 – Failure to Pay Fines

Farmington PD 01/18/11 – Trafficking Controlled Substances (NEW ARREST)

Sheriff’s Office 06/19/89 – Trespassing

01/01/91 – Battery

01/18/92 – Distribution of a Controlled Substance

01/18/92 – Distribution of a Controlled Substance

01/18/92 – Distribution of a Controlled Substance

06/24/92 – Assault

04/07/94 – Probation Violation

08/09/98 – Assault with Intent to Commit a Violent Felony

07/13/99 – Battery on a Household Member

10/31/99 – Driving on a Suspended-Revoked Driver’s License

10/31/99 – Failure to Appear

07/05/00 – Felony Drug Possession