SJC Sheriff’s Deputies Arrest Suspect in 7th DWI


Date: 04/17/2013

San Juan County, NM - On April 17, 2013 at approximately 0118 hours, San Juan County Sheriff’s Deputy Foutz and Sergeant Wilcox observed vehicle a miss an entrance to the parking lot of a Mustang convenience store located in Farmington, NM (1020 Bisti Hwy.). The vehicle, a silver 4 door passenger car, was driving northbound on the Bisti Highway towards the intersection of Murray Drive. It then crossed the painted divider, traveled into the wrong lane of traffic, drove over the curb and entered the parking lot.

As Deputy Foutz pulled up to the vehicle to conduct a traffic stop, Sergeant Wilcox pulled around the other side of the gas pumps to provide back up. “The vehicle conducted a 180 degree turn and started driving head-on towards my patrol truck,” said Sergeant Wilcox. “The vehicle side-swiped the driver’s side of my patrol truck and then continued through the parking lot.” It then exited the parking lot onto the Bisti Hwy where it continued southbound at a high rate of speed.

The vehicle then turned right on N36 (westbound). “Although the suspect’s vehicle traveled westbound, it was in the eastbound lane,” explained Wilcox. “At times it was traveling in excess of 100 miles per hour.” The suspect continued to elude deputies, traveling at a high rate of speed, on several roads and intersections. “The vehicle ran a red light and a stop sign,” said Wilcox. “It eventually turned and headed back towards Farmington, NM.”

At the intersection of W. Main and Murray Drive, the suspect’s vehicle over shot the left turn lane to get onto Murray Drive. “Deputy Foutz tried to stop his patrol truck, but the suspect car quickly cut in front of him and ran into the front of his truck,” explained Wilcox. “At that point, Foutz’s truck pushed the passenger side tires of the suspect’s vehicle against the curb of the road. Foutz then was able to remove the suspect from his vehicle and place him in custody.”

The suspect was identified as Brian Watchman (age 46) of Fruitland, NM. Watchman received a minor head injury during the incident. He was taken to San Juan Regional Medical Center (SJRMC) for treatment. He also received a legal blood draw to determine his level of intoxication. Watchman was released from SJRMC and then transported to the San Juan County Adult Detention Center where he was booked on the following charges:


  • Aggravated DWI (7th or subsequent offense) (3rd degree felony)
  • Aggravated Battery on a Peace Officer with a Deadly Weapon (3rd degree felony)
  • Aggravated Fleeing Law Enforcement (4th degree felony)
  • Driving on a Suspended/Revoked License (misdemeanor)
  • Failure to Provide Proof of Insurance (petty misdemeanor)
  • No Seatbelt (petty misdemeanor)
  • Driving Left of Center (petty misdemeanor)