Sheriff’s Office History



Although its roots can be traced all the way back to the days of William the Conqueror, the Office of the Sheriff was established in the United States in the 1630s, courtesy of English colonists who settled in Virginia.

When New Mexico became a U.S. territory in 1861, the northwest portion of the state was designated as San Juan County. In 1862, the county became part of Rio Arriba County and it wasn’t until 1887 that San Juan County was recognized once again as a county. Since its existence the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office has steadfastly remained committed to serving the residents of San Juan County.

The Sheriff is a constitutional office with the Sheriff being elected to serve a four-year term.


The following individuals have held this office in San Juan County:


2011 – Present Ken Christesen May-Dec. 1940 J.C. McKinzie
2009 Mark McCloskey 1937-1940 John Graves
2003 – 2008 Bob Melton 1935-1936 Roy B. Burnham
1995-2002 Michael Davidson 1931-1934 John Graves
1991-1994 Roger Lasater 1927-1930 George Blancett
1989-1990 Conn Brown 1925-1926 W.D. Noland
1987-1988 Billy F. Hillgartner 1923-1924 R.B. Maupin
1985-1986 Doug Brown 1919-1922 J.C. Wynn
1983-1984 Earl Roberts 1917-1918 C.E. Noble
1981-1982 Doug Brown 1909-1916 William T. Dufur
1979-1980 Dan Sullivan 1905-1908 Boone C. Vaughn
1975-1978 Doug Brown 1903-1904 J.E. Elmer
1971-1974 Dan Sullivan 1901-1902 John W. Brown
1967-1970 J.C. Cattaneo 1897-1898 John W. Brown
1963-1966 Roy Marcum 1899-1900 J.C. Dodson
1961-1962 Floyd Stock 1895-1896 A.H. “Uncle Abe” Dunning
1958-1960 Dan Sullivan 1893-1894 A.E. Dustin
1958-1959 Dan Sullivan 1889-1892 J.C. Carson
Fall 1956-1958: Jim Brimhall 1887-1888 Dan Sullivan
Summer 1956 C.S. McCasland Early 1880’s Moses Blancett
1949-1952 Bill Noland
1945-1948 Roy Sullivan
1941-1944 A. H. Andrews

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