Sheriff’s Office Helicopter Video Footage shows Capture of Homicide Suspects

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Date:  12/18/2013

San Juan County, NM - On December 17, warrants were issued for 46-year-old Sabrina Pacheco and 33-year-old Angel Barney Mares.  Pacheco and Mares were wanted in reference to the murder of 39-year-old Randy McKenzie.  The investigation of McKenzie’s disappearance led local law enforcement officials to Mares’ trailer on, County Road 5572, Monday afternoon.

A standoff ensued for several hours between suspects inside the home and local law enforcement.  The suspects in the trailer didn’t respond to law enforcement’s request for them to leave the trailer and turn themselves in.

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office helicopter was also called in to the scene.  When Pacheco and Mares attempted to run from trailer, the helicopter was able to locate them.  “We were able to arrive on-scene within about 60 seconds,” said Deputy Rob Gross.  “We were able to pin down the location of the suspects and call the location in to our deputies on the ground.  We then guided local law enforcement to the suspect’s location fairly quickly.”  The Sheriff’s Office helicopter video footage shows Pacheco and Mares being taken into custody.

Pacheco and Mares were both charged with the following:


  • Tampering with evidence
  • Conspiracy to commit tampering with evidence.

Pacheco and Mares are each being held on a $200,000 bond. A third suspect in the murder of McKenzie, 24-year-old Mark Hinojos, was arrested later.  Hinojos was charged with:

  • Murder in the 2nd degree
  • Tampering with evidence
  • Conspiracy to commit tampering with evidence.

Hinojos is being held on a $750,000 cash bond.




NOTE: The video can be viewed or downloaded by clicking here on the following link.