Sheriff’s Office Arrests Registered Sex Offender for Re-Offending

Date:  03/25/2014


San Juan County, NM - On March 10, 2014, 54 year-old Clifford Rogers, of Farmington, was arrested on a warrant for several sex crimes against two young females.  The females were relatives of Rogers.

In June of 2013, the girls reported to San Juan County Sheriff deputies that over the past year, Rogers had touched their “intimate” parts and had exposed his genitals to them on multiple occasions, even masturbating in front of them.  “The girls also reported that Rogers would offer them gifts if they would touch his, or allow him to touch their intimate parts,” said Detectives Lieutenant Cory Tanner.

Deputies learned that sometime prior to reporting the incident to the Sheriff’s Office,  the girls had brought these allegations to other family members, who confronted Rogers.  He denied any wrongdoing and subsequently put chain locks on the inside of the girl’s doors so they could lock him out.  The girls alleged this did not stop Rogers as he would open their doors until the chain stopped it, and he would stick his genitals inside, taunting them.

HPIM0639.JPGDeputies secured an arrest warrant for Rogers and interviewed him at the time of his arrest.  “Rogers denied the allegations but acknowledged putting locks on the girls’ doors because they had accused him of the above acts,” explained Tanner.  “He further admitted to even putting a lock on his own bedroom door, locking himself in for some time.  He said he had all amenities (a microwave, fridge and computer) to stay inside, so he would not have access to the girls and could not be accused of touching them.”

Prior to these allegations, Rogers had been Registered as a Sex Offender.  In 2000 he pled guilty to multiple counts of Criminal Sexual Penetration and Criminal Sexual Contact of a minor.  “That case stemmed from a 1997 investigation that the Sheriff’s Office conducted,” said Tanner.  “That investigation revealed Rogers had molested and raped a 13 year-old female relative on multiple occasions.”

On March 10, 2014, Rogers was booked into the San Juan County Detention Center.  He was charged with:

  • Criminal Sexual Penetration of a minor (a 1st degree felony),
  • Criminal Sexual Contact of a minor (6 counts) (a 3rd degree felony),
  • Solicitation to commit Criminal Sexual Contact of a minor (a 4th degree felony), and
  • Aggravated indecent exposure (3 counts) (a 4th degree felony).


Rogers bond is set at $150,000 cash only. “This case is an example of why we must keep continued track of registered sex offenders,” said Sheriff Ken Christesen.  “We need to keep them in the public eye so they cannot re-offend”.