Sheriff Deputy Dale Frazier Placed on Paid Administrative Leave as Per Policy

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On March 30, 2011 San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Administration became aware of a “Use of Force” incident involving Deputy Dale Frazier.  As per the Sheriff’s Office <a href=””>Use of Force Policy</a> the video of the call in question was pulled and reviewed.

The incident had occurred on March 17, 2011.  Deputy Frazier notified his supervisor the evening of the incident reporting the use of force and a report was filed.  The report was then later brought to the attention of the Sheriff’s Office Administration according to the Chain of Command Structure that is built into the policy.

Once the video was reviewed by administration, the Sheriff immediately ordered an Internal Investigation, and the results of that investigation are still pending.  Deputy Frazier was also placed on Paid Administrative leave, as per the policy.  An employee normally is placed on administrative leave pending an investigation, and the employee is still paid while they are on leave.

Frazier will remain on leave pending conclusion of the investigation.    Frazier has been an employee of the Sheriff’s Office since June of 2006.  It should be noted that no criminal charges have been filed against Deputy Frazier.

After reviewing the video of the incident Sheriff Ken Christesen also dropped the charges against the individual that had been arrested in the video.  “He had been charged with ‘disarming a police officer’ during the incident,” explained Christesen.  “After reviewing the reports and the video I did not feel the charges were in the best interest of justice.”

The Sheriff’s Office continues to review this matter and when the investigation is complete will make a final determination regarding Deputy Frazier.