Sex Offender Registration Unit County Wide Verification


On June 15th 2011 at 1400 hours the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Sex Offender Registration Unit teamed up with the San Juan County Special Enforcement Team, US Marshal’s, Attorney General’s Office, State Police, State Probation and Parole (Albq. & Farmington), and Navajo PD for a county-wide sex offender validation operation. The purpose of this operation was to ensure that sex offenders in San Juan County were in fact living at the location that they listed with the Sheriff’s Office. During the operation the team verified 121 registered sex offenders, arrested two individuals, 1 parole violation, located 2 offenders that failed to register, and a misdemeanor citation for marijuana. When sex offenders fail to register the Sheriff’s Office issues felony warrants for the individuals that are not in compliance. Most of the offenders were cooperative and did in fact reside in the residence that they were registered for. This information is accessible to the public and can be located on the internet at the New Mexico Department of Public Safety website.

The Sheriff’s Office Sex Offender Registration and Tracking Unit consist of two members of the Special Enforcement Team Detective John Myers and Deputy Terry McCoy. San Juan County has a large population of convicted sex offenders to monitor and or investigate for violations of sex offender registry laws. Due to the growing population of registered sex offenders it creates the need of increased amount of manpower and time to conduct compliance checks. Currently we have 380 individuals that are tracked in the San Juan County area to include offenders that are currently incarcerated or registered in the past. The current number of offenders registered in San Juan County is 280. These numbers show more than 180 offenders residing within the state jurisdiction. More than 100 registered sex offenders reside on the Navajo Nation.