San Juan County Sheriff’s Deputies Arrest Four in Kidnapping Case


Date: 04/12/2013


San Juan County, NM On the night of 04/10/2013 at approximately 2224 hours, San Juan County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a home on County Road 3186 in reference to a kidnapping. Upon arrival they were greeted by a female who lived at the home. “She informed deputies that she and her boyfriend, Matthey Harrison (age 31), both live at the residence,” explained detective Candice Montoya. “They were in their bed that night when their front door was kicked in.”

When Deputies responded to the residence, they observed damage to the front door and other evidence of a break-in. “She went on to explain that approximately five males and one female entered the bedroom and demanded that Harrison leave the residence with them,” continued Montoya. Harrison was struck in the head with a base-ball bat. Harrison got dressed and the intruders led him out to the two cars and a truck that they had arrived in.

Once in the driveway, Harrison tried to run back into the house, but he was overcome in the kitchen by the attackers. There was a fight and at one point the attackers stabbed Harrison. Harrison was then forced into one of the passenger cars and all three suspect vehicles fled the area.

Detectives continued efforts throughout the night to locate Harrison. At approximately 0100 hours, the female resident advised detectives that she had just received a call from Harrison at a blocked number. He had advised her not to call the police, that he was going to be ok and he would see her the next day. Detectives continued to try to locate Harrison late into the night but were unsuccessful.

Detectives received a call at approximately 1030 hours on 04/11/2013 to visit the female resident at a home on County Road 3181. Upon arrival they learned that Harrison had been dropped off near his home around that the time detectives were called and was now able to speak to them.

“Harrison eventually left with his assailants willingly; with the intention of keeping harm from coming to his girlfriend,” explained Detective Ken Weisheit. “While driving away from the residence, his assailants gave him a gallon jug of water and allowed him to clean up. They then proceeded into Farmington and to a residence. Sometime the morning of April 11th, the owner of the home arrived and inquired as to why all those people were in his home. It was after this that they took Harrison, drove him to County Road 3181 and dropped him off.”

Harrison was able to identify his assailants as Matthew Russell, age 24; Thomas Salazar, age 21;

Jeannie Sanchez, age 25; and Mark Hinojos, age 26. As detectives were interviewing Harrison, and investigating the kidnapping they determined that the two of the assailants (Salzar and Hinojos) felt Harrison owed each of them for separate debts. The two of them decided to go to Harrison’s home and collect the debt owed to them by Harrison.

“They confronted Harrison about his debts to Sanchez and Hinojos,” explained detective Tim Nyce. “stated he would not give them any money, at which point they struck him over the head, fought with him and eventually took him from his home.”

Each of the assailants are charged with the following:

  • Kidnapping in the Second Degree – A Second Degree Felony
  • Conspiracy to Commit Kidnapping – A Third Degree Felony
  • Armed Robbery- A Second Degree Felony
  • Aggravated Burglary (Armed with a Deadly Weapon) – A Second Degree Felony
  • Aggravated Battery (Use of a Deadly Weapon) – A Third Degree Felony
  • Aggravated Battery (Use of a Deadly Weapon) – A Third Degree Felony
  • Criminal Damage to Property (Over $1000.00) – A Fourth Degree Felony