San Juan County Pursuit Ends in Arrest, No Injuries


Date: 03/19/2012


San Juan County, NM – At approximately 430 hours this morning Farmington Police Department was called to the Circle S located on 7107 E. Main, Farmington in response to a Robbery in
Progress. It was reported that a male was attempting to rob the store and later fled in a white Ford pickup truck with descriptive markings.

The vehicle description was provided to all local law enforcement agencies along with the direction the suspect vehicle was heading (Westbound on Main Street). Both Farmington Police and the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office began a search for the suspect vehicle. A vehicle matching that of the suspects was spotted traveling Westbound on Pinon Hills near 30th street. The vehicle sped off when
approached by police units.

The vehicle continued traveling at high rates of speed heading towards Kirtland, traveling in and out of the correct lanes. San Juan County Sheriff’s Deputies spotted the vehicle in the Kirtland area. A pursuit began as the vehicle fled deputies. The suspect vehicle continued westbound on County Road 6480 until it eventually wrecked at approximately County Road 6480 & County Road 6500.

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office helicopter was called out to assist in locating the suspect.

From there the suspect fled the vehicle on foot onto the property of San Juan mine where he stole a fleet vehicle. “The helicopter was able to locate the vehicle from the air,” explained Sergeant Kory
Faulk, San Juan County Sheriff’s Office. “It was wrecked on Riverview Golf Course.” Deputies arrived and determined that the suspect had fled that scene eventually made his way to Central Consolidated Administration Offices where he was able to steal another vehicle. Upon learning the description of this stolen vehicle new descriptions were provided to law enforcement agencies.

This vehicle was a black Impala with government license plates on it. It was located in Farmington and Farmington Police pursued the vehicle within the city limits for awhile. Eventually the suspect vehicle traveled to Broadway, continued past Browning Parkway and onto US 64.

At this time the suspect vehicle was being pursued by San Juan County Sheriff’s Deputies. “At one point the suspect’s vehicle crossed over to the wrong side of the road and was traveling at an extreme high rate of speed against traffic,” explained Faulk, San Juan County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies stayed in the correct lane as they pursued the vehicle.

“The vehicle eventual crossed into the correct lane, however his rate of speed did not slow down. At approximately County Road 5531 and US 64 the suspect’s vehicle crashed,” continued Faulk.
“The suspect then fled on foot. A foot pursuit then ensued between the suspect and deputies.” The suspect was apprehended with no further incident and no harm to any individuals in the front yard of a residence located on County Road 5779. He was taken into custody and charges are pending. He has been identified as David Zepeda, age 30.