San Juan County Emergency Responders Prepare for More Flooding


imagesCAK0G561Date:  09/13/2013

Time:  02:07 PM

San Juan County, NM On the evening of September 13, 2013, flooding occurred in many areas throughout San Juan County, NM.  Emergency personnel crews are working together in handling the many incidents this caused.   The San Juan County Communications Authority, Fire, EMS, County Road Maintenance, County Management, and San Juan County Sheriff’s Office and others are coordinating together as more rain and possible flooding is expected to occur today and possibly tomorrow.

Emergency personnel are asking that people be extremely cautious when traveling throughout San Juan County for the next two days as roads are muddy, and in some cases have debris.  Also do not attempt to cross any washes or other severely flooded areas.

If you need to report flooding please do not call 911, you may report it by utilizing the non-emergency dispatch number of 505-334-6622.  Please only call 911 in the event of an emergency, not to report general flooding.

Residents throughout the county are asked to prepare for the event of more flooding, as more rain is expected to hit the area today and possibly tomorrow. 

Take precaution to make sure you and your loved ones are safe in the event of additional flooding.  Several of the area water user associations reported water breaks due to the flooding last night.  Many homes were without water this morning as a result.  Please take precautions and prepare your home as best you can. 

For individuals who need sandbags, they are available at the San Juan County Public Works Department’s lower yard (South Oliver, Aztec).  These are empty bags, with sand there for individuals to fill.  Individuals will need to bring their own shovels and fill their own bags.  As the amount of bags is limited, the public is asked to only come by and utilize the bags if they are actually necessary.

As stated, several areas throughout the county have already been affected by the flooding.  As a precaution the public is asked to be aware of the following situations:


  •         New Mexico 550 has debris as a result of the flooding.  The debris is located through the 166 to the 168 mile markers.  This part of the road was closed for awhile, and should be opening up soon.  However if more rain occurs flooding is expected to happen again in this stretch of the road.  Please drive with extreme caution when traveling in this area.
  •         US64 near the 55 mile marker had a large amount of debris and rocks reported in it at approximately 4:00 am this morning. 
  •         The intersection of US64 and NM511 had a very large amount of debris in the road and was only passable with a 4X4 truck until cleaned earlier this morning.  This area is an area of concern if it floods again.  Please drive with extreme caution when traveling in this area.
  •         County Road 5290 has sections of the road washed out and missing.  Also some animal corrals were washed away as well.
  •         County Road 5109 has several homes that have been flooded.
  •         County Road 5099 had several propane tanks floating in the wash; the tanks were leaking propane and smashing together in the rough waters. The tanks had been broken from their foundation by water and were collecting in this area. Fire Crews contained the tanks and stopped the leak of propane.
  •        County Road 5500 had water flowing over the bridge from the river and made the road impassible for several hours. Deputies blocked the road until safe for travel, no road or bridge damage was reported.
  •         County Road 3000 between the 8 and 10 mile markers had a very large amount of debris covering the road and is impassible. A large amount of running water was reported in this area.  This is expected to occur again if additional rains hit this area.  Please use caution and do not cross any running water in this area (CR3000 in the CR3950 area, and CR3950).
  •         County Road 4990 had 3 locations that are completely washed out and were passable by vehicle. These are handled now – but again, use caution in this area.
  •         NM173 about the 10 mile marker was also washed out and not passable by motor vehicle. State Road Crews worked on this area around 6:00 am this morning.
  •         County Road 4599 about the 5 mile marker had the south side of the road washed out and only had a single lane of traffic now.
  •        County Road 3955/ County Road 3959 were washed out and were impassible. Road Crews worked on this earlier today.
  •         County Road 5584 the road was washed out and impassable. Road Crews worked on this earlier today.



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