Rural Crimes Initiative


What is the Rural Crimes Initiative?

  • It is a Crime Watch and reporting program designed to include Federal and County law enforcement in partnership with citizens and industry to address crime issues in rural areas of San Juan County.
  • It enables all concerned to be “force multipliers” in observing, tracking and ultimately apprehending those responsible for committing crimes in rural areas.


Why is it Necessary?

  • Because of the widely dispersed and varied industrial and agricultural entities within San Juan County.
  • Not enough officers to cover the 2600 approximate square miles of gas well areas.
  • Criminals prey on areas of low police presence, especially in areas with oil and gas production.
  • We know that we cannot succeed without industry and citizen help.
  • Let criminals know that our citizens and industry are active in fighting crime.


Types of Crimes:

  • Oil and Gas Industry Thefts
  • Farm Related Thefts
  • Cultural Antiquity Theft and Vandalism
  • Theft of Natural Resources
  • Environmental and Haz-Mat issues