Ref: Robbery/Shooting

Date: June 27th 2012

San Juan County, NM – On 6-27-12, at approximately 1103 hours, deputies were dispatched to 3681 US 64 (Valley Meadows RV Park), in reference to an Armed Robbery. Deputy Carlos Loomis arrived first on scene. The victim, Lou Brandy 67 years old, was sitting in his kitchen when the suspect entered his residence. The suspect was wearing camo pants, a black form-fitting shirt, a ski mask (or bandana with the eye holes cut out), gloves and a ball cap. The suspect was holding a gun as he demanded the man’s wallet. The victim set the wallet on the table and the suspect told him to take the money out and hand it to him. The victim handed him the money and the suspect asked where the man’s wife was. The victim said that he did not know (she was in another room within the residence). The suspect then went out and got into a white, single cab, newer truck with tinted windows with either a grey out-of-state license plate or a plate covered in duct tape. As the suspect turned around in the driveway the victim grabbed a double barrel 410 and shot at the tires. When he saw no effect, he shot into the driver’s door.

There was not any broken glass or blood evidence on scene to indicate if the suspect was hit. The victim says the suspect appeared to be a white male, approximately 5’9″ with a slender build. The incident occurred at County Road 3681 US 64. Detectives recovered 2 spent 410 caliber shot-gun shells and other evidence at the scene.