Region II Agents disrupt a multi-state Methamphetamine trafficking organization


On Sunday 04/27/14 agents from Region II finished a month-long investigation into a Methamphetamine trafficking organization operating in the area.  The leader of this group was identified as 31-year-old Naomi Rodriguez of Phoenix.  Ms. Rodriguez is believed to be the main supplier for a group of individuals who traffic the Methamphetamine in the four corners area.

During the investigation agents discovered that Ms. Rodriguez was delivering multiple pounds of Methamphetamine several times per month to her distributors here in San Juan County and in Southern Colorado.  Ms. Rodriguez used a different vehicle every time she came to the area sometimes bringing her juvenile daughter.

MUG SHOT - RODRIGUEZ, Naomi Ramos 04-27-14 (2)Yesterday Agents learned that Ms. Rodriguez was traveling to Farmington with a load of methamphetamine in a rental vehicle.  Agents conducted surveillance and witnessed that Rodriguez was traveling with several juveniles.

Farmington Police Corporal David Karst conducted a traffic stop in Farmington where the vehicle was secured for a search warrant.  Ms. Rodriguez was traveling under a false identity in an attempt to conceal her true identity from the officer.  She was traveling with a 19-year-old female, and four juveniles (one of which was Ms. Rodriguez’s 14 year old daughter).  The passengers all appeared to have no knowledge of what the real intent was for traveling to Farmington.  They were all from the Phoenix area.

One of the juvenile males was taken to the San Juan Regional Medical center for a diabetic emergency where he was admitted.  It was later discovered that this juvenile male was a runaway from Arizona and had not had his medication for several days.  It is unknown at this time the status of the runaway at the hospital.

The 19-year-old was released and the 3 other juveniles were taken to the juvenile assessment center where their families were contacted in Arizona to come and pick them up.

The search of the car revealed two pounds of Methamphetamine hidden in two pillows, one of which was located in the front passenger seat where it appeared to have been used by one of the juveniles to sleep on during the trip.

Naomi Rodriguez was booked on a warrant for 3 counts of trafficking methamphetamine with a $500,000 cash only bond from the previous investigation.  Additional charges of Possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine and child abuse will be added today.

Charges will also be dropped in the following weeks on other members of her organization.  This case is ongoing.