Pursuit Results in Two Arrests


Pursuit Results in Two Arrests

SAN JUAN COUNTY, NM – On June 18, 2011 at approximately 1904 hours, San Juan County Deputies responded to an “attempt to locate” call. The call originated as a possible kidnapping from the area of the 10 mile marker on County Road 3000 in Aztec, NM.

“The individual who had made the call to dispatch had reported that they had seen several people grab a man and throw him into a silver van,” explained Sergeant Kyle Lincoln. “They also reported that the driver of the van driving erratically and was possibly a drunk driver.”

The vehicle continued westbound on County Road 3000 then turned north onto Browning Parkway heading towards Farmington, NM. Deputy Samuel Cordova was able to get behind the vehicle and begin following it at the intersection of Browning and East Main.

” I followed the vehicle to the intersection of Main and San Juan Blvd, ” explained Cordova. “I then activated my emergency lights and the vehicle did not immediately stop, so I activated my siren. The vehicle then sped to approximately 50 mph on East Main, then turned south onto Sullivan.”

The suspect vehicle ran a red light at Sullivan and turned west on San Juan Blvd. It ran the stop sign at that intersection. The vehicle then proceeded to Butler and turned south. The suspect vehicle proceeded through the red light at Butler and Broadway. A Farmington Police unit then joined the pursuit.

The suspect vehicle continued west on Pinon and went through the red light at Pinon and Miller. The vehicle then proceeded west on Pinon to Auburn and turned south. The vehicle then ran the stop sign at Auburn and Murray and turned west. The pursuit continued south on Hwy 371. The vehicle sped to speeds between 60 and 95 miles per hour while on Highway 371.

At approximately the 97 mile marker when Deputy Peffer with the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office took over as the primary pursuit vehicle. The pursuit continued to approximately the 26 mile marker when NMSP Officer Gerald Todacheenie successfully deployed stop sticks

Felony stop procedures were used to remove the occupants from the vehicle. The suspects were apprehended without incident.

The driver of the vehicle was Tanya Lopez, age 35 of Nageezie, NM. A warrant was issued for 1st Aggravated DWI , Aggravated Fleeing, Stop Light Violation (4 counts), Stop Sign Violation, Speeding 30 Over, Speeding 15 Over, Suspended License, and Reckless Driving.

The front right passenger was Alexis Marquez, age 28 of Bloomfield, NM. He was charged with a parol violation.

The third passenger was the supposed victim of kidnapping, Jimmy Paul, age 43. Mr. Marquez said Mr. Paul was extremely intoxicated and he was trying to help him into the van when the reporting party thought he was being kidnapped. Mr. Paul advised he went with Mr. Marquez and Ms. Lopez willingly.

All three subjects were left in the custody of Crownpoint Police.