Kirtland Fire Victim Identified

fatal fire

Date: April 11, 2011

The woman found dead at the scene of a mobile home fire in Kirtland, NM yesterday has been identified as Judith Overson, 69, of Kirtland, NM.

“Judith woke up around 5 am after smelling smoke, she then went into the living room of the residence where she discovered a fire,” explained Detective Cory Tanner. “She then woke up her husband, Wyman, to tell him of the fire. He went into the living room where he saw a small fire. He explained it was along the same wall as a small wood burning stove, yet it was not located next to the stove. He attempted to put the fire out by throwing a first one, then another blanket on it without success.”

Wyman Overson ties fishing lures as a hobby and his supplies were near the corner where the fire was burning. When the fire reached his cans of adhesive and they popped/exploded. Apparently the contents were flammable because it caused the fire to spread and burn with great intensity. “He ran outside to grab the garden hose but when he returned the fire was too intense for him to even re-enter the house,” continued Tanner. “He was attempting to hook up the water hose when the Sheriff’s Deputies arrived on scene.”

“It is unclear at this time as to why the Judith did not or was unable to follow him out of the residence,” continued Tanner. “Her husband speculates that she stayed in the home attempting to get their dogs safely out of the residence and became trapped herself.”