Helicopter Video Shows Suspect’s Capture


Ref: Helicopter Video Shows Suspect’s Capture after Fleeing from Sheriff’s Deputies and Bloomfield Police

Date: 05/07/2013

San Juan County, NM - On 5/6/13 at approximately 2200 hours, San Juan County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a call regarding a wanted suspect. Dispatch advised law enforcement that bail bondsmen were chasing a suspect. The suspect was identified as Derek Ferrier, age 25 of Aztec, NM.

“The bail bondsmen stated that Ferrier was running from them east on Highway 64, heading towards Blanco, NM,” explained San Juan County Sheriff’s Sergeant Matt Wilcox. “They informed dispatch that the suspect was driving at a high rate of speed with no headlamps.”

derek ferrierA short time later, deputies were informed Ferrier had begun traveling westbound heading toward Bloomfield, NM. “We were told that the suspect was traveling in excess of 100 MPH,” continued Wilcox. “Dispatch also stated that he was still being followed by bail bondsmen.”

Near the intersection of Blanco Street and Highway 64, San Juan County Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Ahkeah was able to catch up to Ferrier. “Ferrier was driving a white 2000 Ford Focus,” said Wilcox. “When Ahkeah tried to stop the suspect he was unsuccessful. Ferrier continued traveling towards the city of Bloomfield at a very high rate of speed.” As a result of these high rates of speed, the suspect was able to evade deputies and continued on towards Bloomfield, NM.

“A short time later, as the suspect neared the city limits, Bloomfield Police Department officers located the Ford Focus. “Our officers then followed the suspect from Mustang Lane, to Blanco Boulevard all the way to County Road 5075,” explained Bloomfield Chief Mike Kovacs. “The suspect then turned onto an unmarked dirt road near County Road 5030, at which time officers lost sight of the Ford Focus.”

Once a visual of the suspect was lost, the Sheriff’s Office helicopter was called out. The helicopter could not pick up the suspect vehicle at that time. “Deputies interviewed bondsmen from Arizona and learned that Ferrier was not the owner of the Ford Focus,” said Wilcox. “Deputies then responded to that address where the registered owner of the Focus was located.”

“While on scene we learned Ferrier was now possibly located at a home on Florida Street in Bloomfield,” continued Wilcox. Deputies on the ground coordinated with the Sheriff’s Office helicopter and Bloomfield Police Department. The home was then surrounded and contact was made with the resident.

Deputies and officers on scene were informed that Ferrier had fled the scene when he heard the helicopter overhead. “At that time all law enforcement personnel on scene began searching the area,” said Wilcox. “The San Juan County helicopter locked onto a heat signature near the house and deputies on the ground found Mr. Ferrier hiding in some weeds.”

Ferrier was taken into custody without incident. “Bloomfield Police will be seeking an arrest warrant against Ferrier for Aggravated Fleeing,” said Chief Kovacs. “We are extremely grateful that no one was injured during this incident. This is another example of how the law enforcement agencies within San Juan County work well together. We are able to set up a joint operation such as this, in a short amount of time, and have it end successfully with no injuries to law enforcement or the public.”

In addition to the charges pending from Bloomfield Police, the San Juan County Sheriff s Office booked Ferrier for being an “Out of State Fugitive”, and also “Eluding an Officer”.