Helicopter Video Shows Pursuit Ending In DWI Arrest


Date:  09/03/2013

San Juan County, NM - On Friday August 30, 2013, at approximately 2111 hours, dispatch advised that a vehicle had fled the scene of a traffic stop with a Farmington Police officer.  San Juan County Sheriff’s deputies were advised that the vehicle had last been seen heading east bound on US 64.  Information was that it was a white Honda civic passenger car with a blue license plate.

“Dispatch informed us that the vehicle had stopped by a Farmington Officer for a routine traffic stop,” explained San Juan County Sheriff’s Sergeant Daniel Clark.  “The Farmington officer advised that he did not pursue the vehicle when it fled due to the high rate of speed the vehicle left in.”  This is normal procedure, and seen as a safety precaution in most agencies.

The Sheriff’s Office Patrol helicopter was able to locate the vehicle shortly after it fled the traffic stop.   “When we first located the vehicle it was traveling east bound in the area of the Bloomfield Highway and Browning Parkway,” explained Sheriff’s Office Patrol Tactical Flight Officer Gary Mauldin. “The vehicle was heading towards the City of Bloomfield.”

Mauldin advised the vehicle reached speeds in excess of 125mph, in a 55mph zone, on US 64 between Andrea Drive and County Road 350.  The Sheriff’s Office helicopter continued to give updates until deputies were able to locate the vehicle.

SJC Sheriff’s Deputy Nicholas Adegite located a vehicle matching the description of the suspect’s.  At the time he located it, the vehicle was moving with traffic with no erratic driving.  It was traveling in the right hand lane traveling at approximately 60 mph, moving with traffic.

“I was able to confirm with Deputy Mauldin that I was behind the correct vehicle,” said Deputy Adegite.  “I then activated my emergency lights while behind the suspect’s vehicle. The vehicle continued east bound ignoring the emergency lights.”   Deputy Adegite activated his siren and continued to follow the vehicle at approximately 60 mph. “The vehicle continued east bound with disregard for the lights and siren,” said Adegite.  “I cycled my sirens multiple times in order to get the attention of the vehicle but was unsuccessful. The vehicle maintained the 60 mph speed and was not driving erratic.”

Deputy Adegite continued to follow the suspect’s vehicle east bound on US 64, traveling at approximately 64mph. “Deputy Mauldin had the spotlight of the helicopter fixated on the suspect’s vehicle,” said Sergeant Clark. “Near the 60 and a half mile marker the vehicle began to accelerate passing County Road 5217 driving in the right hand lane. The vehicle began to enter the Bloomfield city limits traveling at 85 mph in a 35 mph zone.” Traffic had been light during the pursuit.

“Deputy Adegite advised Deputy Daniel Ashburn of the suspect vehicle’s location in order to prepare to utilize stop sticks,” explained Sergeant Clark.  “As the suspect’s vehicle approached the Lone Star Truck Stop (near the 62 mile marker), Deputy Ashburn deployed his stop sticks puncturing the vehicles left tires, front and back.”   The suspect’s vehicle continued heading east bound on US64 but at a lower rate of speed.”  The vehicle was approaching the area of US64 and Newby Lane when it slowly turned onto a dirt road on the north side of the roadway and stopped.

 waggoner 2006“Once the suspect’s vehicle stopped, the driver exited the vehicle facing away from deputies, adjusted his clothing, shut the door and laid face down on the ground,” said Sergeant Clark.  “Deputies utilized a felony stop procedure. The driver was given multiple commands but was unresponsive and did not follow deputies instructions.”

The driver was identified as Jayson Waggoner, age 31, of  Kirtland, NM.  Waggoner was taken into custody and booked into the San Juan County Detention Center for:   

  •  Aggravated fleeing a law enforcement officer
  • Aggravated driving while under influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs (1st Offense)
  • Obedience to any required traffic control device; Speed Regulation (over by 36 mph or greater
  • Speed regulation (over by 26 – 30 mph)
  • Roadways laned for traffic
  • Open Container and driving on a Suspended License. 

Additionally, Waggoner had two outstanding warrants.  He was also booked on those as well.




NOTE:  Video taken from the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Helicopter of the pursuit is available by clicking here:  http://youtu.be/Uhhx3qbtbvE