Flooding: Emergency PSA (Weather Update) 09/13/2013 4:13 pm

imagesCAK0G561Update from the National Weather Service:  There is a weather front currently in the area of Sheep Springs.  This appears to be heading in the direction of Kirtland, NM and then Farmington, NM.  It is expected to land in Kirtland and Farmington between 5pm and 6pm tonight. 

Areas of heavy rainfall will again be likely with the main emphasis on the areas between the Continental Divide and the Highlands just east of the Central Mountain Chain as well.  Another 1 to as much as 3 inches of rain may fall across this area through tonight and with the already saturated soils localized flash flooding and perhaps even some main stem river flooding could occur.  Areas within and below recent burn scar locations…as well as mountain slopes in general…will be especially vulnerable.