The Sheriff’s Office maintains a professional and well-trained Detective Division. The Detective Division at the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for many different areas within the Sheriff’s Office.

Their primary duty is to follow-up on initial investigations of felony crimes. Once an initial report has been made, a detective within the division is assigned the case and that detective follows all possible leads in order to solve the case.

Other duties include interviewing suspects and persons of interest in crimes as well as interviewing the victims of the crimes. The Detective Division works closely with surrounding agencies sharing information so that crimes can be worked more efficiently.

Members of the Detective Division receive specialized training to help them develop into capable interviewers and investigators. While it is difficult to truly reflect in words the commitment that our Detectives put into their assignments, their accomplishments tend to speak for themselves.

Cases are generally based on the following categories: White Collar Crimes, Violent Crimes, Crimes Against Children/Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence Crimes and Rural Crimes.