Detectives Arrest Farmington Woman for 40 Felony Counts


Date:  01/30/2014


San Juan County, NM - Last week 65 year-old Mary Hawkins, of Farmington, NM was arrested and charged with Fraud and Forgery.  Hawkins was first brought to the attention of the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office on January 20, 2014.  “We were contacted by the CPA for D and D Service in Flora Vista,” explained Detective Katie Macsalka.  “He informed us that one of the employees was embezzling funds.”

Upon investigating, deputies learned that Hawkins was the bookkeeper for D and D Services LLC as well as Four Corners Testing LLC; another small business owned by the same individual. “While preparing the taxes, the CPA and the owner discovered numerous checks that were not authorized by the owner,” said Macsalka.  “They were written out to Hawkins.  The amounts of these checks were not the same as her normal payroll salary.”

The business owner confirmed that the signatures on the unauthorized checks were not his and they were forged and issued without his permission.  He also confirmed that Hawkins had access to the checks but was not a signer on the account.  The owner and CPA went on to explain that while they were analyzing the account for the year of 2011, they noticed that the first check made out to Hawkins where Mr. Davis’ signature was forged was written out on July 1, 2011.

“We were given access to the business records and after reviewing them we were able to determine that Hawkins had begun embezzling 2 1/2 years ago,” confirmed Macsalka.  “During that time frame a total of 221 fraudulent checks were written in her name, they totaled more than $344,349.00.”

Hawkins was arrested without incident and booked into the San Juan County Adult Detention Facility.  She was charged with:MUG SHOT - HAWKINS, MARY FRANCES 01-23-14 (2)

  • Fraud (over $500 but not more than $2,500) (a 4th degree felony) (20 counts) and
  • Forgery (making or altering – damage unquantifiable or not more than $2,500 (a 4th degree felony) (20 counts).