Deputies at all County Public Schools Today as a Precaution


San Juan County, NM –San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Deputies will be in uniform at public schools in Aztec, Bloomfield, Blanco and Kirtland New Mexico today. This is in response to postings on Facebook regarding the schools. “There were reports called in to various schools within the county from concerned parents,” said Captain Shane Utley. “We are working with the schools and various agencies throughout the county as a precaution as we investigate the reports and the Facebook postings.”

Facebook postings have been reported to have been posted that indicate incidents could happen at various public schools within the County today. As a precaution Deputies and individuals from other agencies will be at the schools. Bloomfield Police Department will have an officer at each school in Bloomfield today, and Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputies will in Bloomfield Schools as well. Aztec police will be in Aztec along with Sheriff’s Deputies. The Sheriff’s Office will also have deputies in Blanco and Kirtland.

“We were also contacted by the San Juan County Fire Department asking if they could help”, said Utley. “We asked them to place a fire truck in front of every school they could in the County. The more “official” vehicles we have in front of the schools the better deterrent it is for individuals who may have been considering doing something there.” Also the fire department is trained in first aid and would be already on site should they be needed.

It is important to note that the postings on Facebook have not been substantiated, the presence at the schools is simply a precaution. San Juan County Sheriff’s Detectives are investigating the postings. “We would rather error on the side of caution,” said Utley. Detectives will continue investigating the postings to determine if they were in fact legitimate or simply rumors.

The Sheriff’s Office is releasing this information in order to let parents know why law enforcement and fire personnel are at the schools today.