Community Outreach


The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Community Relations Division is responsible for creating and maintaining relationships with the community, to include citizens, organizations and other law enforcement agencies to foster mutual respect and understanding within San Juan County, and to provide a forum of understanding that we must partner together to be smart, be aware and be safe in our everyday lives.

To meet these goals, the Sheriff’s Office has an outreach program in place to foster an understanding of the Sheriff’s Office operations and programs.

Outreach efforts include:

  • Attending Fairs – safety and health information presented in a festive atmosphere that allows residents to interact positively with the police officers assigned to their neighborhoods.
  • Individual projects with deputies and with Neighborhood Watch Associations to address long or short -term problems.
  • Visits to area businesses to provide information about how to contact the officers assigned to the area or the liaisons.
  • Finding meaningful ways to connect the deputies and the residents and establish communication links and partnerships.
  • Coordinating special events and celebrations for the deputies and those we serve in San Juan County. These are only a few of the specific ways that liaisons work in the community and within the Sheriff’s Office.
  • The Volunteers In Partnership Program. The V.I.P. program allows its volunteers to play a vital role in the Sheriff’s vision of Result Oriented Policing.

Other presentations can be made on a variety of issues for all age groups, at schools and related events, as well as to both public and private organizations and companies.

To obtain more information, contact the Community Relations Division at 505-334-6107. Or to request our participation in your community event click here to complete a Community Policing Request Form.