Community Relations Division




The Community Relations Division strives to build positive relationships between the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office and the public through community programs. These programs are designed to promote the Sheriff’s Office mission statement and core values while creating partnerships in the community.

Community Relations is often the first point of contact between the Sheriff’s Office and the community. This commitment to the community extends from each of our divisions and is evident in the number of additional services that we offer. We are confident that our participation in and facilitation of these programs improves the safety of our community and its citizens. We are proud of our commitment to you. These are some of the programs in which we provide:

Program Description: The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office utilizes the voluntary services of local citizens to enhance existing law enforcement services and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Sheriff’s Office.

The VIP Program is for interested citizens who wish to volunteer their time as a non-sworn, non-paid member of the Sheriff’s Office. The volunteer commitment for all volunteers lasts for a period of one year with a requirement of 200 hours per year but may vary depending on the needs of the Sheriff’s Office or the project, which the volunteer is assigned to. The program is divided into a number of volunteer positions that also fall under a two tiered system. The first tier being the daytime volunteer and the second tier, the special project volunteers.

Daytime volunteers are those that are available to work 4 hour shifts during the week/work hours. Special project volunteers traditionally work and are available to volunteer in the evenings and weekends. Volunteers are placed on an as needed basis.