Everyone enjoys receiving recognition for their efforts. Commendations, either verbal or written, are one of the best ways to let someone know that you appreciate their work. A commendation for an employee of the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office is most often sent to the Sheriff. You may also advise the employee’s supervisor. Your comments can be made in person, by telephone, or by using the form in this brochure.

A commendation may address any event that you deem noteworthy on the part of an employee whom you believe should be recognized. This may range from the display of unusual courtesy or compassion to significant life-saving measures or heroic acts. We are interested in hearing about your observations of any commendable act or behavior.

All commendations are formally documented and the affected employees will be notified.

A commendation takes only a few minutes to write or communicate. It can go a long way to let the personnel of the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office know how you feel about them and their service.

Use this form to submit a commendation today.