Command Staff


The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office is guided by qualified and dedicated administrators. They include:


The Sheriff is elected to a four-year term and appoints an Undersheriff who serves as his second in command. Sheriff Ken Christesen is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the agency and the Undersheriff is charged with insuring the operational and administrative functions of the Sheriff’s Office are performed in a professional manner.


Sheriff: Ken Christesen

Undersheriff: Ron Anderson










The Sheriff’s Office is divided into two areas of responsibility. Those areas of responsibility are overseen by the Administrative/ Investigations Captain and the Operations Captain. The Administrative Captain is responsible and has primary responsibility for Professional Standards including policy review and development and Internal Affairs. The Operations Captain has primary responsibility for management of the Operations Section and direct supervision of the assigned Lieutenants.


Administrative/ Investigations Captain: Brice Current

Operations Captain: Shane Utley