Child Abuse: Domestic Situation and Abuse of a Child



Deputy-Begay-488808_250x250blurredDate:  June 14, 2013

San Juan County, NM – On June 14th 2013, the Farmington Police Department responded to a verbal domestic dispute at San Juan apartments involving Algar William Horsechief (DOB 12-8-87) and his 8 month-old  child’s mother, Stacey Johnson. Horsechief walked away from the apartment with the child and Farmington Police Department issued an “attempt to locate”. This occurred at approximately 4:00am. Horsechief called someone for a ride to County Road 6482. After about 15 minutes Horsechief and the residents on County Road 6482 began to argue.

Horsechief began to leave the residence on foot with the child. His sister, Aryana Horsechief, tried to get Horsechief to leave the child at the residence, due to his high intoxication. Horsechief refused and left the residence and walked into the hills to the north of the area. San Juan County Sheriff’s Deputies Smith and Blau were able to identify shoe impressions and began to track the suspect. The suspect changed direction multiple times. Blau and Smith were able to locate where it appeared the suspect had seen the Deputies and hid from them. They were also able to locate areas where he had appeared to be running.

The Sheriff’s Office helicopter was called out to assist in locating the suspect. The suspect was tracked for about 3 miles until he was spotted. The helicopter arrived as the suspect was located. Deputies called out to him after units had developed a perimeter. Horsechief looked at the deputies, turned and started walking in the opposite direction. Deputies apprehended Horsechief when they were able to get in front of him and detain him at approximately 6:30am. The child was shivering and appeared to have very minor scrapes and a soiled diaper.

Horsechief was charged with the specific charge of child abuse for placing the child in a dangerous situation.