Aztec City Manager Arrested


Date: 12/30/2011

San Juan County, NM – On 12/26/2011 at approximately 1331hrs, Deputy Loomis was dispatched to meet with an individual for a civil standby. Dispatch advised Deputy Loomis that the civil standby was between Josh Ray age 32, of Aztec and his wife Savannah Ray. Josh Ray is the current Aztec New Mexico City Manager.Josh-Ray

Upon arrival to the scene Deputy Loomis was provided with a statement from the wife that she had been a victim of domestic violence. She advised that on 12/25/2011, at approximately 2315 hrs, she and Ray started to talk about problems in their marriage while at their home in Aztec.


At that time the two began to argue and at one point Ray pinned her to their bed. The victim struggled with him and tried to get up and away from him but she couldn’t get up. She said, “He put me in a leg lock and when I tried to move or struggle to get away he would squeeze hard.” She told him that it hurt but he would just smile at her. She told him to let go, that he was hurting her. She said, “He grabbed me by the jaw, causing my earring to push into the back of my ear.”


When Ray finally released her, she went into the living room and lay on the couch. Ray then went out into the garage and got all the keys out of the vehicles so she could not leave. Ray also took away her computer so that she would not be able to send messages to anyone.


The victim was also told by Ray that she could not have her phone. At some point Ray left her alone and she “dressed the girls and was able to sneak out of the house and go to the neighbors next door.” The victim stated that she thought for sure that he was going to come after them. The victim was them able to call her parents at approximately 0234hrs and they came and got them.


After a thorough investigation by San Juan County Deputies and Detectives an arrest warrant was obtained for Josh Ray. He was charged with False imprisonment (a 4th degree felony), Battery against a household member, (a misdemeanor), and Interference with communications, obstructing the sending of a message, (a misdemeanor) 2 counts.




Ray was arrested without incident at his home at approximately 1930 today.