Arrest Made After Deputies Respond To Residential Burglary


San Juan County, NMOn January 20, 2012 at approximately 1432 hours, San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Deputies responded to a residence on County Road 6700 in response to a report that the windows had been broken out at the residence. The residence is currently under renovation and unoccupied. Upon arriving deputies determined that a total of 13 windows, valued at a total of $6000 were broken.

Further examination of the residence led deputies to further evidence on the scene. The evidence included blood droplets in virtually every room of the house and a steak knife with a bloody handle in a bedroom. There were also shoe impressions that left the scene. Deputies followed the impressions to a residence on County Road 6618, where they also found blood stains on a wooden porch of that residence.


After speaking with the resident of the home on County Road 6618 a search warrant was obtained to search the home. While awaiting the search warrant, the suspect, returned to the residence, where he gave a full confession and returned some of the property that was taken from the residence that had been broken into, including several power tools.


The suspect stated that he gotten drunk the previous night went to the residence on County Road 6700 and smashed the windows. He awoke after passing out in the basement and returned home, where he continued drinking. He then returned to the residence on County Road 6700 with a gas can and the intention of burning it down to get rid of his blood left on scene from the earlier incident. After pouring gas around the interior of the house, he realized he didn’t have a way of igniting it, so decided to just take some tools and leave.

The suspect has been identified as Marcus Brown, age 27, of Waterflow, New Mexico. Brown was charged with:


  • Aggravated burglary with a deadly weapon – 2nd deg felony
  • Residential burglary – 3rd deg felony
  • Attempted arson – 3rd deg felony
  • 4th deg felony Larceny ($500-$2500) – 4th deg felony.