Announcing the NEW Volunteers In Partnership Program!


The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office has embarked upon a NEW endeavor by launching the Volunteers In Partnership (V.I.P.) Program.

The Sheriff and the Community Relations Office created the Volunteers in Partnership (V.I.P.) program in order to provide citizens with an opportunity to learn more about law enforcement by contributing their time to administrative and support tasks. The V.I.P. program allows its volunteers to play a vital role in the Sheriff’s vision of Result Oriented Policing. Through the V.I.P. Program the Sheriff’s Office is able to engage the community in an active problem-solving partnership.

V.I.P. participants will assist in tasks at the three Sheriff Office locations as well as provide assistance outside of the office and throughout the county. This will enable the Sheriff’s Office to provide additional community services.

Click here to view the various areas within the program.